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  • MarkTini


    In a shaker combine:

    4oz Bear and Prophet oaked vodka

    2 drops of Grenadine


    Shake Well

    Pour into glass and garnish with Maraschino cherry and lemon twist

  • Tropic like It's Hot

    Tropic like It's Hot

    In a shaker combine:

    1.5oz Bear and Prophet Vodka 

    3 oz pomegranate juice

    2oz pineapple juice

    Juice from ½ a lime

    Ice -shake well

    Pour into glass over ice. Garnish

  • Jalapeño Business

    Jalapeño Business

    In a shaker muddle:

    5 mint leaves, 2 slices jalapeño, 2 slices of cucumber 

    Add 1.5oz Bear and Prophet Vodka, ginger syrup, and ice.

    SHAKE WELL and Strain over a glass with ice. Garnish.

    *Ginger syrup - peel and grind ginger root into a small dish and mix with 1 part water to 2 parts honey

  • The Buffy

    The Buffy

    In a shaker combine:

    1.5oz Bear and Prophet oaked vodka 

    1 oz sweet vermouth

    1 oz Campari

    1 oz fresh blood orange juice

    Stir well, until very cold

    Pour into glass with a large ice cube

    Blood orange slice to garnish

  • Cucumber Aqua Fresca

    Cucumber Aqua Fresca

    In a shaker Combine:

    1.5 oz Bear and Prophet Vodka

    1 Tablespoon cubed cucumber pieces

    Splash sours mix



    pour over ice and top with 3oz of Lemon Lime Soda or Club Soda

    Garnish with cucumber

  • The Giddy Up

    The Giddy Up

    In a Shaker Combine:

    1.5 oz Bear and Prophet Vodka ,1 oz of rosemary-honey syrup, 1.5 oz fresh lemon juice, Ice


    Pour over ice and Top with topo chico

    Garnish: Lemon and Sprig of Rosemary

    * Rosemary-honey syrup- combine ½ cup honey & ½ cup water over medium heat until honey dissolves. Add 3 sprigs of Rosemary and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and let cool

  • The Basito

    The Basito

    In a shaker muddle together:

    .5 oz – Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice , .5 oz – Simple Syrup and 6-8 torn basil leaves

    Add Ice and 1.5 oz of Bear and Prophet Vodka


    Pour into glass with ice and Top with Club Soda

    Garnish: basil Leaves 

    Optional: For a slight twist, substitute Ginger Ale or a Sparkling Prosecco for the Club Soda.

  • Rind Down

    Rind Down

    In a shaker Muddle together:

    Juice of 1 lime and  6 mint leaves

      Add Ice, 2oz of Bear and Prophet Vodka, 4oz of fresh watermelon: SHAKE WELL

      Pour over ice and top with club soda (lime flavored if you like more lime)

      Garnish with lime wheel and tajin rim

    • Main Squeeze

      Main Squeeze

      In a Shaker Combine:

      1 oz  Bear and Prophet Vodka, .5 oz Elderflower Liqueur, .5 oz Vanilla Syrup, ice


      Pour over ice and top with Sparkling Ice Pink Grapefruit

      Garnish with thyme and Grapefruit

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